Cassandra Mosier

Posted in Testimonials by - February 17, 2020

My OmniShield system has already proven its worth!
Josh from Pro Fire Safety recently visited my home for a fire safety presentation. Although I'm not one for impulse purchases, I bought my OmniShield system on the spot. Everything was installed for me efficiently and we talked about all the best options for my home.
Fast forward to this weekend, a month later, and I had a small kitchen fire involving a plastic bowl accidentally left inside the oven. It started very small, but when it reignited I needed my kitchen extinguisher to put it out. Though the fire never got beyond the oven, it created a thick cloud of white smoke over two feet deep at the ceiling.
My OmniShield alarms went crazy, even before I smelled the fumes for myself, and I knew to get my pet bird out immediately. I know it saved her life. For about two hours after, the smoke gradually aired out. When my OmniShield system finally stopped being triggered by the smoke in my kitchen and master bedroom above it, it dawned on my that the conventional smoke detectors throughout my home from the landlord had never made a sound. I tested one and it's battery was fully charged.
As it turns out, those alarms so effective for letting you know you've burnt toast do not detect the particles of smoke from burning plastic– the same substance that makes up every synthetic rug, curtain, and upholstered item in a 21st century home.
I walked into my home as the fire smoldered and saw that my standard detectors, particularly the ones installed about a foot away each from the two alarms that did trigger, were engulfed in thick, choking smoke, and utterly silent.
I'm deeply grateful for my new fire protection system. Without it, had this occurred while I was sleeping or even distracted, the smoke could have done horrible damage, and the fire could have spread, long before I was aware of a problem. My Omnishield alerted me before I even smelled the burning plastic. If the fire had spread, with old-fashioned cheap alarms, my bird and I would have been lucky to get out alive.
Devlon then followed up with me with reminders of where to recharge my extinguisher, offers to help, and just checking in. It wasn't a major fire, but it was enough to rattle me and far more than enough to make me thankful that I met with Pro Fire Safety. This system wasn't cheap, but it was worth every penny and then some.
Thank you to Josh, Devlon, and OmniShield. I couldn't be more pleased.

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